Northern Italy and the Alps

During the last two years i wrote a lot about our adventure, the sailing, the good food and the fabulous Mediterranean Sea, but some of you might wonder:

Where are they from?

Well actually we are mountain people, yes i know this sounds difficult to believe but exactly that might also be the reason for loving the sea so much. My hometown is called Meran and is located in the far north of Italy, a beautiful little corner with lots of agriculture, mainly apple orchards and wine production.

With it's mild mediterranean climate and surrounded by the mitical Alps this town with a population of about 37000 ppl certainly offers a lot of beauty, palm threes and mountains as high as 3000m but no sea, unfortunately...

This little comune in South Tirol is a famous tourist place since the time of the Austrian empire and still today offers an interesting mixture of italian and german cultures, food and languages.

Here you can see our way south, this is the direction we take down to the Med and the boat.

So if you ever travel thru this area take some days and explore Meran, it is certainly worth it and if you love mountains, walking, climbing, biking, skiing and some amazing meals in a town with an interesting history you will go crazy for this place.


My home

is my castle.


No, unfortunately not, this is Castle Tirol.