Finding anchorages along the Croatian Coast (2nd part)


The island of Ist is the next stop, let's have a look. It is a wonderful island with a big bay equipped with lots of mooring bouys a very nice fish restaurant run by an Italian Lady and a couple of bars. Visiting this place is definitely worth it and take your time and walk up to the on the hill. The view is spectacular.


Sailing along on the eastern side of Dugi Otok another little village with a small harbor and a couple of nice bars and coffeshops for a day of relax is Sali. We really enjoyed this village  stayed for a couple of days, as we had to wait for a supply ship to bring fresh water to the island. During the hot and long summers water is rare on some islands so please try to save water if you can.


Passing the southern part of the island thru a small gap you enter the national park of Telascica. during the trip this one was one of my favorite anchor spots for a couple of nights. This bay looks like a mountain lake, completely silent, just birds and the sound of the wind in the threes. You can take a walk to the lake Mir, we haven't been but it is supposed to be really nice. At the northern end of the bay you can find the famous Taverna Goro. Don't miss out on buying fresh fruit and vegetables in Toni's supermarket. (Check the first photos)

Next up the National Park Kornati...