Hallberg-Rassy vs. Harley-Davidson

The next step:

As you all know SY "EraOra" got sold a couple of weeks ago. We have cleaned the boat, moved out and brought our belongings back home. The new owner is already on board. Luckily this is not the end of our travels but it is certainly a change. After more than 2 years of adventures on the sea on board of the trusty Hallberg-Rassy 31 now it it time to hit the road for some time and explore Europe.

Let me present you my new ride:

This wonderful Harley-Davidson, Fat Boy in a sparkling grey is now mine and we are ready to explore. I have already owned a similar bike for more then 13 years and i was very happy with it. Riding a Harley Davidson is riding a legend. I just can't wait to go out and cruise along some winding roads here in the Italian Alps.

Now instead of a rocking 31 feet, the wind and the open sea our drive will be the pounding of a legendary 96 cubic inch, some fuel and the view of coastline from high above. 

96 cubic inch

96 cubic inch

31 foot

31 foot

Hallberg-Rassy 31 SY EraOra: SOLD


Yes it happened! We have been thinking about putting our boat for sale during the winter and now just when we were ready to start a new season SY EraOra found a new owner.

Ironically he will sail EraOra back home to her home port near Venice, where we bought her more than two years ago. The world sometimes is really small.

But what about us? Are we sad? 

Yes, this for sure is not an easy moment, we had some amazing days during our two years on the boat but on the other side it felt like a change would be welcome. If you ever owned sailing yacht you may know the time, the effort and the money it takes to keep her in shape and beautiful. Now we can use this time to travel a bit more around Europe.

So don't worry you all will still be able to read stories about traveling, good hidden restaurants and the Mediterranen Sea on this site.  

As a side note I would really like to keep up with the sailing and the boat life so I am looking for a smaller boat, one I can transport on a trailer.

I am thinking about a classic sailing yacht with a combination of wood and GFK around 24-26ft for example the Hallberg-Rassy Misil. If you may know about such a boat which is in good condition und for sale, please let me know. I would be happy to have look at her. Just comment below...


Restaurant "Bugenvila" in Cavtat, just south of Dubrovnik.

During our two sailing years in Croatia we have seen and tried out a lot of restaurants today I would like to share one of our favorites.

The wonderful restaurant I am talking about is located just 20 min drive south of Dubrovnik in a small village called Cavtat, sailors might know the place as it is also a very common port to clear in and out of Croatia and offers two sheltered bays for the night. 

This little gem is l called "Bugenvila" and it for sure offers some of the best dishes we have tasted in Croatia. We can not praise the place highly enough, if you look for a really special moment with a friendly service, a stunning location, a familiar feeling and some mouthwatering food with a special touch, try it out.

You can find out more on their website: