What we call "old" today


As you may have read a couple of days ago, we had an interesting road trip to Split and Trebinje, during these days we started to notice all the older cars on the road. The "leader" of these oldies was clearly the first Golf model build by Volkswagen. It seemed that we could spot this type of car on every corner, in every parking lot or just on every road. Yellow apparently was the choice of color at the time, we talk about the 70s-80s.

This made me think of how much stuff we throw away or replace with something newer. Here I can spot a lot of older machinery, not just cars but also boats or agricultural equipment still perfectly working even if clearly old. People just keep on repairing the thing. An engine at the end almost never really breaks, there is always a way to repair it, this just depends on the the availability of spare parts and the good work of a mechanic. 

It is great to see that even if considered old not everything gets straight away thrown on the junk yard. This attitude can also be seen if it comes to the local communities and the people itself so the rule to follow is:

"Age is just a value; the higher the age the higher its value."