Dinner trips around Dubrovnik

From rural Bosnian mountians to the picturesque Croatian coastline. From a rustic lamb roast to a stylish delicious oyster dinner delight. Last week we rented a car for a couple of days and discovered the area around Dubrovnik. Driving compared to sailing offers so much different impressions in just an hour.

Trebinje, Bosnia Herzegovina

A small rural town just about an hour drive from Dubrovnik, famous for their nice and convenient lamb and pork dishes. We found a unique restaurant, all wood, stone and mountain hut style, popular also among the locals which offers lamb on the spit or under the bell.

Sitting underneath an "indoor three" we enjoyed homemade cheese, the tender "all nature" lamb, abundant red wine and the traditional pancakes with chocolate and nuts as a dessert. It felt like a time travel and miles away from the touristy old town of Dubrovnik.

Mali Ston, Croatia

What a different experience just one day later. An hour north of our marina we stopped at Mali Ston, a bay famous for their oyster and mussel farming. Along a small little harbour a few restaurants offer their fresh seafood, so we had a selection of oysters, raw with lemon, deep fried and dalmatian style (white wine sauce).

After this overdose of mussels luckily there was some space left for a dessert, wich in this case was a maccheroni-chocolate cake. I know this sounds weird but I can only recommend you try this sweet dish once.