The cockpit


As the Hallberg-Rassy is a center cockpit, the layout differs a little bit from the other yachts. I have to say I just love it. Much more stable in rough seas it also gives you a great feeling of safety. During maneuvers in harbours the view and the control of the boat is nicer as you are not standing on the helm all aft. The length is perfect too, I can easily stretch myself and sleep normally on the cockpit bench. The wheel takes up some space and if it really bothers you, just get a collapsible one, I donot mind. The Hallberg-Rassy windscreen is just a stroke of genius, it protects everyone on board so nicely, and the middle as it is flipping allows the breeze in. I would never change for this plastic screens which after a couple of years are destroy y the sun. I imagine you can feel how much I am fond of this boat.