Pasta al dente

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Since my days in Malta I realized again how good Italian cooks are and how well regarded Italian food is. As I have a lot of friends all over the world and the question is always the same. 

How do you cook pasta properly?  

Here is the recipe: 

Take a big high pot add a couple of liters of water and bring it to boil, then add a handful of salt, the bigger one not the fine one. 

Add the pasta, don’t break spaghetti or other longer pasta. Use Barilla for the first time. Keep the water boiling and boil the pasta for the time written on the pasta box. Barilla gets it really right.

Tip: take the pasta out of the water half a minute before the required time.

Now you have pasta al dente, means with the right bite, not over cooked. Once you get a feeling for how pasta should be switch to your favorite brand but always check the packaging for “grano duro” as main ingredient otherwise it’s not proper “pasta”