We are sailing

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Oh long time no see.

Definitly! Some of you sailing freaks and friends actually wondered what is going on, thanks for the commenting and for keeping in contact, I really appreciated it. The answer is pretty simple.  

I just sail on!   

The beautiful Hallberg-Rassy 352  GINA H is still mine and we become better friends every day, if it keeps on going like this maybe in five years the lady even allows me to back her into a slip without big dramas, I love the long keel but not for manouvers in thighs spaces. 

Hallberg-Rassy 352 GINA H in all her beauty

Hallberg-Rassy 352 GINA H in all her beauty

But you are right it has been very quiet here, well we could also call it dead! Most of my photos are posted on Instagram and for a long and interesting article on this journal there was just no inspiration paired with a nice portion of laziness. 

I am still in Croatia with my boat and my plans to go further south during the next couple of season are still alive, so if you have some tips and hints or just interesting infos about Greece and the sailing along the Peloponnesus please let me know. Thanks. 

This year and the last year I spend almost all my summer on the boat and I have really fallen in love with some Croatian islands. They are just stunning. I will try to kick my a.. and write about them in a near future. Here a little teaser:

I am certainly not suffering 

I am certainly not suffering 

You have some questions about sailing is this areas or even just spending your holidays here feel free to drop a comment I always happy to help.  

While you wait for my updates I would like to use this occasion and share a small selection of links to other sailors which always inspire me to go out sail, swim and enjoy nature and its beauty. 

I wish you all some wonderful hours binge watching all this videos and see you soon.  


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