Why is it so quiet?


As you all may have noticed my journal got pretty quiet lately. So what is going on?

Well after coming back from Australia the daily routine kicked in, as you can imagine i found piled up mail, bills and boring paperwork.


Croatian coastline


Luckily i took last week off to drive to the Adriatic sea and there I started looking for another boat. You maybe remember i was already thinking about it a couple of months ago. It is really exciting to check out boats again and this time i have a bit more knowledge and ideas about the qualities of my future boat. The drive itself was wonderful, crisp air, blue skies all the time, a deep blue sea and no tourists on the road. A great time to explore the croatian coastline even more, this time from land. I also felt inspired to take some shots with my camera or my phone. Here you go:


A hidden bay in Croatia

Sailing near Sukusan

Good night

I also found a really good restaurant but more about it in the next post.