Sailing and the Bora

What a beautiful calm day, the Mediterranean Sea looks like a lake.
But during the last two years we have learned to respect the sea and the weather especially her majesty the "Bora".
The "Bora" is a north/northeasterly wind, it is a fall wind coming from the Velebit mountain range. It can appear in minutes and become stronger with every gust. We normally see the wind speed reaching 30kn (55km/h) in some areas up to 60kn (110km/h).
In 2003 the bora once reached 300km/h and many measurements have been taking with a wind speed around 200km/h
What do we do to minimize the risk of getting caught in such a strong wind?

Every morning we check a variety of weather forecasts with different weather models, also very important are the local news as the general wind forecast often underestimates the bora. When we plan our sailing trips we try to spot bays along the route with a protection from northerly winds so we can hide in there if necessary. 
During the last years we have also learned a bit about the local weather conditions and we realized the bora rarely settles before 3 days. Especially with a front system passing the north Adriatic Sea the bora appears often 12/24 hours later.
Also while on anchorage we try to be prepared for a sudden change of the sometimes very quiet conditions. For example at the moment we are anchored in a well known safe bay with a landline to avoid the anchor to break loose.