A morning of work.

During the last couple of days we started thinking about our water reserve, EraOra has a water tank of  about 180 liters and even if we try to save as much as we can it was time to refill. During a walk in the village nearby i noticed a water tap. It is important to notice houses here still have water tanks there is no running water like most of us are used from home. 

I tried to find the owner of the tank and he was really nice to let us take some water, so i spent the morning driving the dinghy with our water canister of 20 liters between the boat on anchorage and the village.

At around midday EraOra was filled up and i was a bit fitter.  

Some of you wonder how you pass the days on a boat, well big part is re-storaging, re-fueling, re-filling and re-equipping.