Bags Are Getting Packed.

The impulse to travel is one of the hopeful symptoms of life
— Agnes Repplier

With only a couple of days left, i am getting ready and lots of stuff is piling up on my floor, ready to get packed. Maybe you are curious about these moments so i thought i show you a bit.

During last years summer on the boat i was not very happy with my small backpack, as it was designed for hiking not for a life onboard with the risk of getting wet all the time so this year after a bit of research i found the backpacks from Overboard, i already use some of their products on the boat and they are just perfect for a life around the water i ordered their 20L Sport Backpack, this completely waterproof bag well build and really protects the camera, the Macbook and my other belongings and it also floats which is really important while on a sailboat or the small dinghy. At the same time these backpacks have cushioned straps and are also perfect for biking and outdoor activities, definitely a real allrounder.

Photo 1.jpeg