Marina Dubrovnik

As you may have noticed lately there were a lot of posts with snowy mountains and winter wonderland atmosphere this because i came back home for the winter months. But you may wonder: "Where is the SY EraOra now."

After the arrival at Dubrovnik during October we found a great spot at the ACI Marina Dubrovnik. The marina is on the river Rijeka Dubrovačka about 5 km out of Dubrovnik with wonderful surroundings, the village Komolac and a great infrastructure and a bus going Dubrovnik Old Town almost every hour so an almost perfect sport for a long term stay.

This became the place were SY EraOra is resting during the winter and shortly i will be back there and prepare her for another season of sailing, some upgrades are planned and i will talk about those in one of the next posts. Here are some photos to show you  the area, so you can get an idea how this beautiful place looks like.