As you may have noticed in the photos on earlier posts about the boat, her name on the hull is still "Aspasia", this is the name the previous owner has chosen.

More than a year ago, when we started looking for a boat and planning this adventure it was clear our boat would be called "EraOra", this in italian means "it's time" and thats exactly how we felt back then.

It was time for a change.

The name also reminds me, of the begining of a new "era" and a famous wind called the "ora" on Lake Garda, a beautiful spot, close to our home town in northern Italy, famous for sailing, surfing and kiting. For us it was clear this is a lucky name and fits perfectly our moods and even if we know about all the superstition around changing a vessels name, we feel we do the right thing.

Photos with Champagne in action will follow.