Cheap airplane tickets but...


Recently we all have seen airline tickets getting cheaper and cheaper. This for sure is very welcome as especially we sailors travel frequently to our boats. Unfortunately i noticed that while tickets got cheaper the policy about luggage, like size limits and weight limits are getting ridiculous. You start to pay more for a ten kilogram bag then for a passenger. What’s wrong with you!! I think just make a normal ticket price including at least 15 kilograms of luggage. Who travels around for a couple of days and just brings a tissue?   

I have met a couple of boat owners which moved the boats to a harbor reachable by car as the airline policies are laughable when it come to luggage.

No batteries, no tools, no weight, no oversized items etc. etc. 

Cheap tickets don’t help if we have to travel in underwear because of all these limits or because we have to sell everything we own to pay for 20 kilograms of luggage.  

Please remember Ryanair.