Sailing Weather

Hvar at sunset

Hvar at sunset

Today in this post I need to talk about the weather. During our now 5 week journey down south we realized again how important the weather conditions are for sailing. You might laugh and think: they realize this now!

Well that's exactly the point when we are at home in our houses or apartments we rarely really know the weather. Sure we see if it's sunny or rainy but already when it comes to the wind... if it is a southerly or northerly, strong, warm or cold, gusty and not - is not that interesting.  All these kind of weather characteristics while living in a house are mostly unnoticed as we are well sheltered and isolated.  

As soon as you step on a sailboat the weather rules it all. Even deep at night you will notice the slightest change of wind direction. Already in the morning a wet and humid teak deck will already tell a lot about the weather conditions. 

For me it is fascinating how important at once the weather patterns become and how quickly we forget about them when we are in a home/house. Just a thought, maybe you try once to pay more attention to the small details. It's quite astonishing. 


So, how come the weather post comes exactly now. Easy, the weather we had was really bad all the way with torrential rain, storm with nearly 50 knots of wind and a rough sea in between. I don't mind having a proper roof over my head for a couple of weeks and let the wind be wind ;-))