Hallberg-Rassy 31 SY EraOra: SOLD


Yes it happened! We have been thinking about putting our boat for sale during the winter and now just when we were ready to start a new season SY EraOra found a new owner.

Ironically he will sail EraOra back home to her home port near Venice, where we bought her more than two years ago. The world sometimes is really small.

But what about us? Are we sad? 

Yes, this for sure is not an easy moment, we had some amazing days during our two years on the boat but on the other side it felt like a change would be welcome. If you ever owned sailing yacht you may know the time, the effort and the money it takes to keep her in shape and beautiful. Now we can use this time to travel a bit more around Europe.

So don't worry you all will still be able to read stories about traveling, good hidden restaurants and the Mediterranen Sea on this site.  

As a side note I would really like to keep up with the sailing and the boat life so I am looking for a smaller boat, one I can transport on a trailer.

I am thinking about a classic sailing yacht with a combination of wood and GFK around 24-26ft for example the Hallberg-Rassy Misil. If you may know about such a boat which is in good condition und for sale, please let me know. I would be happy to have look at her. Just comment below...