A sailors morning

* wake up call at 7.30 because the neighbours are leaving and probably are going to  take our anchor, chain and boat with them.

* temperatures already 30 degrees

* breakfast with cornflakes & milk.

* putting on bimini for shade in the cockpit.

* first swim.

* filling the solar shower with water for the evening shower.

* preparing backpack for the grocery shopping in the village.

* putting sunscreen on.

* preparing cables, charger, phone and iPad to charge in coffee shop.

* finally ready to leave, close the hatches and jump into the dinghy.

* oh no, climb back up and take the rubbish bag too.

* rowing 15 min to the village to save fuel as the next petrol station is 10 km away.

* temperatures already close to 38 degrees.

* coffee stop with charging included.

* finally shopping.

* hunting for fresh vegetables, fruits and eggs and 20 liter of drinking water, all very rare on small islands.

* using the shopping trolley to roll everything thru the village to the dinghy as it weightes more than 30 kilos.

* temperatures have reached 40 degrees, it is midday.

* dinghy gets filled up, luckily we still fit.

* motoring back to EraOra against the wind and the waves.

* getting a free salt water shower on the way back.

* at arrival lifting everything onto the boat.

* boat temperature inside over 45 degrees.

* cleaning fruits and vegetables, storing the groceries and the water.

* time for a swim, finally.

* and ready for the next round.

* preparing lunch ;-)

Cruising on a sailboat is not always only cocktails, sunsets and fish dinner. 

Are we complaining? No way, we still remember days at the office ;-)