Looking Over The Stern

During the Christmas time and at the end of a year we all tend to look back and reflect. I want to write a little bit here on our blog about this "Year 2012" and the people I met and I also want to thank.

First and foremost the most important person, Bettina, she was somehow the muse of this journey, more then 11 years ago when I met her and mentioned my dream of a sailboat I saw the sparkling in her eyes now, countless adventures later this has become reality.

We really have gone sooo far, not even in my most audacious prediction i could have foreseen this, luckily life sometimes give us much more than we can imagine or plan. So thanks to her for all the love, support and patience while putting up with my sometimes "strong" character, same goes for her family, especially her sister.

During this months of travel we also met some really special persons, the crew of SY "Biella", Caterina and Carlo, they started as neighbours on the boat yard and have become great friends, so thanks to Caterina for the fun, food and drinks and to Carlo for hull painting and Zen lessons. Much appreciated.

The crew of SY "Pamina", with captain Donato, wich took the time to teach me how to steer a boat STRAIGHT (insider joke) and his wife Manuela.
During our trip we also met Andrea and Raimund, owner of the beautiful Bavaria SY "Gatto", we enjoyed a nice glass of wine on a stormy evening in Jezera and Monika and Helmut, they are enjoying the Mediterranean Sea with their wonderful Hallberg-Rassy 352, SY "Maren", by the way you can read about their adventure here.

Thanks to all of you for making this year a special one!

"Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year"